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With three decades of leadership experience in the media and entertainment industry, and  six published books, I have worked up-close and personal with artists and entrepreneurs in all areas of media and entertainment, including writers, musicians, actors, attorneys, publishers, producers, managers, small business owners, CEO's of billion dollar corps, and countless Internet pioneers with big ideas and impossible dreams.

My coaching/consulting services are personalized to meet your individual needs and with your unique goals in mind. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions can be scheduled anytime that suits your particular workstyle. They can be done in person, over the phone, or a combination of any of the many communication and technology tools that are available today. Geography is no problem, I currently have clients on both coasts, and as far away as India.

Hourly Fee: $250.

Note: Just like any other professional attorney, therapist, coach or consultant, I honor complete client privacy.

Sound Interesting? Got Questions? All you have to do is ask: michael@jmichaeldolan.com

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Michael Dolan is one of a kind who encompasses both the real world of hardcore entertainment industry challenges and the inner world of spiritual growth and self actualization. I have never learned more from one individual in a short amount of time. Knowing and working with Michael has changed my life in every way and I am honored and grateful to have been given a chance to know him and consistently be inspired by his service to mankind.
- Mike M.

Michael is a BIG thinker. Needing a coach and consultant, I was referred to Michael with an idea for a new music education, distribution and publishing model. At the first meeting, he got it! Now the BIG VISION is being explored and exposed and the discussions have since opened up many new layers of possibilities and distinctions. Reach out. Read his blog. Join his Tribe.
- Richard F.

Michael Dolan is inspiring to work with. He is forward-thinking and up on the latest technologies, while having a strong foundation of real-life experience in business. I would recommend him highly to anyone, and look forward to working with him again myself in the future.
- Mara H.

Michael Dolan has the unique combination of creativity and business acumen. Many excel at one or another, but few can do both well. He does.
- Rick N.

J. Michael Dolan is one of us. A musician, a businessperson, a creative thinker, a mediator, meditator and mentor! It's most evident in his approach and in the delivery of his message that he deep cares about each and every one of his clients. Working with Michael is like getting that wake up call from your muse. You don't always know where it's gonna take you but the ride sure is "extraordinary." And once the train has left the station, if you just relax and go with the flow, it soon becomes clear where you're going, and you want to stay engaged to what's unfolding for as long as possible.
- Daniela S.

We are a billion-dollar publicly traded company: All of the board members who were present at the session with Michael were impressed with his intelligent way of articulating the future possibilities of our company.
- Martin A.

Michael Dolan's way of thinking is a refreshing reminder of the many principles that I currently practice in my own career, both practical and spiritual. His authentic, human approach is very contagious, and he comes from a place of being an artist not a preacher. His 9-point box concept is so basic yet overlooked by so many of us; that principle alone was worth the 3-months I worked with him - and the relationship continues.
- Jason F.

I am mostly struck by Michael's sincerity and commitment to getting to the truth of the matter. I think everyone at the session felt that. And I'll never forget the 9-point trick and observing how things "occur" to me - that worked so well and continues to be the focal point of producing "extraordinary" results in my career and enhancing the quality of all of my relationships. I will continue to share my gift with the world and know that it will come back to me in ways that are as yet still unknown to me.
- Jan B.

Michael Dolan is not only a leader, but an innovator. With a plethora of creative ideas flowing through his head at one time, it is no surprise to me how he has managed to keep a music magazine alive for over 33 years in a struggling industry. "No" is not in this man's vocabulary, and anything he sets his heart on ends on a positive note.
—Andy M.

Over the years I have sought Michael out as a music industry mentor. He has always been generous towards me with his knowledge, wisdom and guidance. I highly recommend J Michael Dolan.
—Lawrence L.

Michael is a highly skilled, result oriented, intelligent, knowledgeable executive, whose actions coach and inspire others. I highly recommend Michael Dolan for his experience, inspiration, wisdom, and ability to formulate concepts that propel others toward success. As a mentor, he is invaluable, providing confidence and a firm foundation for others to achieve their goals and aspirations.
—Jeff U.

Michael Dolan is a very brilliant man with strong and potent ideas for day to day operation, long term idea planning, and most of all mind set creation for real productivity. Working with Michael is a way to expand thinking, bounce up against walls, and then seek ways to leap above them. Fun and exhilarating. He is a rare person that combines practicality, experience, and long term vision.
—Steve R.

Michael is a precise, inventive, organized, focused, creative, man of many skills. You can depend on his word and work ethic. He ran a successful magazine for many years and his staff respected him, was loyal to him and enjoyed the excellent working environment he created. I couldn't recommend him more.
—Mike G.

Like a custom made suit, a mentor or coach is a great thing to have if you can find a good one. But for the rest of us, heroes will have to do.
- Seth Godin

More than 60% of Fortune 500 executives work with a professional coach: an objective partner who provides perspective, clarity and motivation.
- Wall Street Journal